1. How easy is it to maintain a silk filled duvet?

A: Silk is a natural fibre that is moisture resistant and releases temperature. This means that your duvet should not require cleaning agents to clean damp or mould. To maintain freshness simply air your duvet in a shaded area away from direct sunlight for two or so hours, two to four times per year. Any simple marks or stains can be cleaned using a clean white cloth and lukewarm water to wipe away. Our duvets have a high quality cotton shell that is easily maintained but for best results we suggest that you always use a removable duvet cover that can be machine washed separately such as the duvet covers and pillow cases you can see in our products section.

For more detail on maintaining silk filled duvets, refer to our ‘Use and Care Recommendations‘ on this website.

2. How do silk filled duvets compare with other fillings such as down or goose feather?

A: Our 100% AAA Grade Mulberry Silk is a natural fibre that does not use any chemicals in the manufacturing process. Other duvet fills use chemicals to clean and the fill may be machine pressed during manufacture. The AAA Grade Mulberry Silk fill used in our duvets is a continuous fibre that meshes together after a series of washing in natural spring water and stretching by hand. This silk mesh after stretching is layered to form the silk fill and has the benefit of having air induced into the layers. This means that there is no need for cross stitching to hold the fill in place. The Silk Road Desire duvet does however have a micro stitch method to further guarantee the fill remains in place and to ensure that no cold or heat spots are created from clumping experienced in other fill materials. Furthermore, Silk Road Desire Cotton shells are double stitched to prevent any leakage of the fill whatsoever.

The stretching of silk forms perfectly sized layers of silk, that traps air in the multiple layers. This is why the duvet feels so light and soft but is able to maintain a perfect temperature and release moisture naturally.

3. Will a silk duvet aid my sleep if I have allergies?

A: Silk is Hyper-Allergenic and bacteria free, so it will certainly help. As silk is naturally water resistant, mould or other foreign materials are not able to form breeding grounds for such matter to breed or expand. Furthermore, silk releases a protein called sericin and almost 20 amino acids that are similar to the human skin. So like our skin, silk naturally resists water and damp. For more information, please see ‘The Benefits of Silk’ tab in this website.

4. What if my partner sleeps at a different temperature level to me?

A: This is one of the best features of silk. As it releases temperature but maintains warmth, silk fill duvets are the best options for sleepers of different temperatures. Silk Road Desire duvets are light weight so a wonderful hugging effect comes from silk’s natural ability to drape and move with your body. For more information, please see ‘The Benefits of Silk’ tab in this website.

5. What makes Silk Road Desire’s product better than other Silk Filled duvets.

A: We at Silk Road Desire spent more than a year to find and select our supplier who is the exclusive supplier for our Silk Filled Duvets and removable duvet covers in the Premium Collection. We selected this supplier based on their quality standards and certifications such as OEKO-Tex and the China Fibre Testing Authority. Along with our own standards, we feel comfortable in supplying our customers with genuine, 100% AAA Grade Mulberry Silk Filled Duvets. The cotton we use for our duvet shell, removable duvet covers and pillow cases is 100% Cotton, 400 Thread Count and 80s yarn stitch that allows it to feel like high quality Egyptian grade cotton. Our Ultimate Pet Duvet Covers are slightly different in that the cotton used, whilst 100% cotton is a slightly lower thread count on one side to allow for pet usage.

6. What weight and type of silk duvet should I choose?

A: Because silk is natural and breathable, silk filled duvets are much more flexible than other materials such down, feather, cotton or polyester. Your sleeping environment and temperature will change throughout the different seasons; at times you may be running air conditioners, ceiling fans and in the colder months have heating in your bedroom.

Silk Road Desire duvets find the balance of providing comfort and temperature practicality. Keep in mind that silk is breathable, releases temperature and moisture when the body is getting too hot, but maintaining warmth when body temperature is cooling.

For very cold climates, our Summer Weights and Winter Weights can be tied together to ensure that artic like conditions are catered for. In fact, many extreme Artic sportsman and women use silk in their undergarments to not only stay warm but to release moisture for comfort in their chosen sports.

The weight of silk is much lighter than other fills used in duvets. Some tests suggest that silk is up to a third lighter than common materials such down, feather, cotton and polyester blends. Also there is a difference in how silk duvets are made. Machine stuffed and stitched silk duvets can be half of what our Silk Road Desire fill weights are.

Silk varies greatly in quality from simple ‘silk’ to a variety of grades. Silk Road Desire only uses the highest grade which is AAA Grade Mulberry silk. Always check the contents that should be stated on the duvet and packaging when buying a silk duvet.

For more information and advice on recommended weights and sizes, please see the products section in this website.

7. How to judge the quality of a silk duvet.

All our products have a small zipper on the side of the duvet where you can touch and test the quality of silk.

A: Be wary of claimed pure silk duvets that have a cross stitch pattern. Silk Road Desire only uses AAA Grade 100% Mulberry Silk that is a continuous strand of silk. These strands form a mesh and then self-bond together. Therefore extensive cross stitching is not required. We do however use a special microdot stitch to add durability but this in no way will form cold or hot spots in our duvet that cross stitching can create.

Smell: Inferior silk can have a chemical smell and silkworm pupa. This smell can be strong or mild. As we use no chemicals in the manufacturing process, our duvets do not have this. The smell can be harmful and trigger allergic reactions. Many blended fills may include rayon mixed with silk and may use chemicals in the process and have impurities such as oils from machines. All Silk Road Desire Duvets are handmade and chemical free.

Colour: 100% AAA Grade Mulberry silk floss has a soft and lustrous pearly colour. Inferior products may have a whiteness caused by mixed fill materials and even bleach to make them appear shiny and bright.

Hand Feel: 100% AAA Grade Mulberry silk feels more delicate yet less smoother than lower-grades of silk that have been machine or chemically treated.

8. How long will my order take to be delivered?

A: We distribute our products from Hong Kong. We offer a 48 hour delivery time (two working days), but in general we are able to deliver your order the following day once your order has been received and payment approved.
Also, we offer free shipment for orders in Hong Kong. For order enquiries, please email us at contact@silkroaddesire.com or call +852 2194 4265

9. Do you ship international destinations?

A: Yes we do. When you select a product, a ship cost calculation will be displayed.  Our products are sent from Hong Kong via Hong Kong post and may take up to 10 days to reach your destination.  Should you want to make alternate arrangements, we are happy to accommodate but please email us at  contact@silkroaddesire.com or call +852 2194 4265, prior to placing your order.

10. What if I have ordered the wrong product size or if the product is faulty?

A: If you want to return or exchange you product, please advise us within 3 days and please ensure it is not used and we will happily arrange a replacement. If your product is faulty or you have been sent the wrong item, please contact us immediately by email: contact@silkroaddesire.com and we will make it a priority to resolve the problem without cost to you. For more information, please visit our ‘Terms and Conditions’ tab on this website.

11. Why is ‘Straight to Source Ltd’ listed as the payee when I place my order?

A: Straight to Source Ltd. is the owner of the brand Silk Road Desire™. All our banking and financial audits for Silk Road Desire are conducted and managed by Straight to Source Ltd. For more information, please see the ‘About Us’ section on this website.

12. How can I keep up to date on future product offerings?

A: You can ‘like us’ on Facebook or join our email list to learn about new products and receive news articles on all that is happening about Silk Road Desire.