Benefits of Silk


Silk is proven to be moisture resistant. It contains a number of amino acids and a naturally occurring protein, Sericin, which is similar to what is found in human skin. This makes silk resistant to mould and mildew, just like your skin. And because silk offers no environment for nasty bugs and dust mites to live and breed, it is very suitable for people with allergies. So if you have a tendency to itch or sneeze or if you are asthmatic or suffer from rheumatism, our Premium 100% AAA grade Mulberry Silk Duvet, will definitely help you sleep healthily, deeply and peacefully.


Silk has the natural ability to absorb and release moisture into the air. An excellent quality for a silk duvet, as it allows your body to maintain a more stable temperature throughout the night. In addition, at Silk Road Desire we use a traditional layering technique, a skill handed down from generations to generation. This layering technique allows air to be included between the multiple silk layers that will allow the duvet to release moisture from excessive heat escape during your nightly sleep, which in turn helps your duvet to regulate temperature. And a more constant body temperature will ensure that you have a comfortable and uninterrupted night’s sleep.

Because of its body regulating abilities, Silk Road Desire duvets work extremely well for both hot sleepers as well as cold sleepers. Even, if both sleep underneath the same duvet.

Light weight & luxurious

Silk Road Desire duvets are light in weight unlike duvets with alternate fills such as down, wool, cotton or blends. Silk also has the natural capability to drape and wrap around your body. So you have the same amount of warmth, without the excessive weight. Once you have experienced the softness of our silk duvets, it is unlikely you will ever want anything else.

Fire retardant

Silk is naturally fire retardant. In addition, Silk Road Desire duvets are not treated with any chemicals in the manufacturing process and the fill of the duvets is pure silk – not mixed with synthetic blends. So there are no additional materials to allow flames to ignite or promote fires to escalate. Sleeping underneath our silk duvets is not only good for your body, but it will also put your mind at rest.

Low maintenance

There is no need to wash your duvet or have it dry-cleaned. We even strongly advice you not to do this. Instead, just remove your duvet from your removable duvet cover, and hang your silk duvet out of direct sunlight for airing. Because silk is mould and mildew resistant by nature, there simply is no need to wash or dry-clean your duvet. See Use & Care to ensure you get the most out of your Silk Road Desire duvet.


With proper care and maintenance you can easily enjoy your silk duvet for a decade. Silk fibres are incredibly long and strong. Our silk fibres are selected from only the finest and highest quality 100% Mulberry silk and rated at AAA. The fibres form a layered mesh that is strongly bonded and together with our Micro-Dot Stitching method, as a result the fill will not move around inside the duvet.


With pride we carry the OEKO TEX Standard 100 certification. The manufacturer and supplier of all our ranges of silk duvets and Premium Range duvet covers have obtained this quality assurance certification. A certificate given out only to companies that produce textiles that are absolutely safe to the skin.

At Silk Road Desire we value safe sleeping, rested bodies and minds, and durable products.