Provided our duvets are used and cared for properly, you can easily enjoy your Silk Road Desire duvet for a decade. At all times use a high quality removable duvet cover to protect your silk duvet. All of our duvets can without difficulty be cleaned, stored and maintained with the instructions below.


Air dry

A duvet with a high quality removable duvet cover should not require any cleaning under normal conditions of use. 100% AAA Grade Mulberry Silk filled duvets with a high quality cotton shell, as the Silk Road Desire Premium collections, are free from bacteria and dust mites and are resistant to moisture and also have the benefit of not holding any odours.

We recommend you air the duvet (without the removable duvet cover) in a shaded area. Direct sunlight and UV rays can harden the fibres of silk, so make sure you keep your duvet in the shade. Do this for two hours or so, about two to four times a year. When you take your duvet inside again, simply hand-pat it down gently on to your bed again. Vigorously shaking of the duvet is not recommended nor is it necessary. This is all you’ll need to do to keep your duvet fresh and neat.

Wipe clean

You can wipe down your duvet by using a clean white damp cloth. Use luke warm water (less than 30C) and without harsh cleaning chemicals that contain ammonias, chlorides, or other harsh chemicals. Be aware; some cleaning products claim to be suitable for silk, our trials are not conclusive. We recommend you to only use very soft cleaning agents that are suitable for cleaning silk fibres, for spot cleaning only. Wipe any stains and then wipe again with luke-warm water thoroughly to ensure no cleaning residue or surface dirt remains and then hang in a shaded area (outside of direct sunlight). If in doubt of whether to use a particular cleaning agent on a silk duvet, check out the company website of the product or contact the supplier of the cleaning product directly.


The best storage solution for our Premium Range Duvets is to fold and store the duvet in the provided high quality cotton bag.

Your duvet needs to be stored in a dry, clean and dust free area. DO NOT use moth balls, freshening / airing chemical products, or anti-moist products inside. As silk is moisture resistant, it is simply unnecessary.


DO NOT use bleach

Bleach will destroy the silk fill as well as other fills of duvets. Always keep bleach away from your duvet.

DO NOT put in a washing machine

Rigorous washing in a machine or even by hand, will reduce the natural properties of silk. The silk fibre will break and twist and potentially creating lumps and unevenness in your duvet.

DO NOT tumble dry or wring dry

Should you duvet get wet, after hand wiping it clean or even after you’ve spilled something on it that made it wet, simply hang it outside in a shaded area out of direct sunlight. The natural moist resistant capacity of silk will ensure it will dry in no time.

DO NOT iron

As silk is natural and a delicate fibre, hot irons or any temperature iron, should not be used. We recommend simply patting the duvet by hand after airing. This will be enough to ensure the duvet maintains shape without wrinkles.

DO NOT dry-clean

We do not recommend dry-cleaning. Our tests have proved various results. Should you however want to use a dry-cleaner nevertheless, ask your dry-cleaner not to use ‘trichloroethylene’ in their cleaning process and ensure you tell the dry-cleaner the duvet fill is 100% natural silk.

Removable Duvet covers

Our removable duvet covers feel amazingly soft due to the purity of the cotton we’ve used. To keep them this soft is simple, just follow the instructions below:

Cleaning do’s

Step 1: For first time use, hand-wash the removable duvet cover separately. Like all fine cotton products, colours from other fabrics in the general wash may leak into lighter coloured items.

Step 2: Then wash your duvet cover on its own in a washing machine (hot wash at up to 60 C).

Step 3: Hang it to dry. From then on: you can either dry it in the dryer on settings such as permanent press or a cycle that is suitable for bed linen or hang it to dry.

Step 4: Your removable duvet cover can be ironed on high heat and stored with all other laundry items.

Detergents: we recommend should you wish to use bleach, use only non-chloride bleach. This serves both your removable duvet cover as well as the environment better.

Dry-cleaning: If you wish to dry-clean, ask your dry-cleaner not to use ‘Trichloroethylene’.