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Queen Winter Duvet

HK$ 3,999.00

Weight 2.3kg
Length 210cm
Width 210cm
Suitable temperature range Between 0°C and 20°C

In Stock: 33 available


Silk Road Desire’s Premium Range Duvets feel amazingly soft, light luxurious. Only high quality materials are used that will provide you with a deep, luxurious and healthy sleep. The fill we use is a fine 100% AAA Grade Mulberry Silk. Silk is a unique natural fibre in that no chemicals are used during manufacturing. The pureness of the preparation of silk, results in a light, hypo-allergenic, moisture resistant, durable and completely natural material. All these qualities make it perfect for healthy, soft, light and of course, luxurious duvets, that provide you with a rejuvenating peaceful night’s sleep.


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