Pet Duvets

The Ultimate Pet Duvet collection of pet duvets and duvet covers is the ultimate addition to your pets bedding. We designed the Ultimate Pet Duvet collection with the pet lover in mind. Pets, just like us, can benefit from the qualities of silk. So in addition to our Premium Range of duvets, we created the Ultimate Pet Duvet collection for pets.

At Silk Road Desire, we love pets. We have tested various materials in order to create a healthy and comfortable environment for our best friends. Other pet bedding products are made from synthetic materials that can create breeding grounds for bugs and mites that are harmful to your pet. The Ultimate Pet Duvet is made from 100% AAA Grade Mulberry Silk housed in a durable high quality 100% cotton shell that is moisture resistant. This does not allow breeding grounds for bugs and mites nor does it house odours, thus providing your pet with a luxurious and healthy environment to relax and sleep they deserve.
In addition, be sure to look at our range of high quality cotton duvet covers available in three designs all with a black backing. Our duvet covers provide additional protection to your pets Ultimate Pet Duvet and are machine washable and easy to maintain.

Our experience with our pets is that they simply love the Ultimate Pet Duvet and Ultimate Pet Duvet covers. We would love your pets to enjoy the same.

  • Pet Duvet Large

    HK$ 799.00

  • Pet Duvet Small

    HK$ 699.00