Duvet Covers

Our collection of removable duvet covers of 100% high thread count cotton, provides you with hotel quality bed linen with a luxurious Egyptian cotton feel in your own home. Our Premium Range Duvet Covers allow silk duvets to breathe easily which in turn enables you to enjoy the benefits of our Premium Range 100% AAA Grade Mulberry Silk Duvets. All duvet covers come with stitched-in ties so you can fasten your duvet to the cover, to prevent duvet movement. Whilst our duvets are made with a high quality cotton shell, we recommend that you use a quality removable duvet cover. A quality removable duvet cover can add years to the life of your silk filled duvet.

Our King and Queen size duvet covers comes with four large sized (51 x 76cm) pillow cases. The single size duvet cover includes two standard sized (50 x 70cm) pillow cases. The cotton used for the pillow cases is the same high grade cotton used in our duvet covers.

  • King Duvet Cover

    HK$ 849.00

  • Queen Duvet Cover

    HK$ 749.00

  • Single Duvet Cover

    HK$ 499.00

  • Infant Duvet Cover

    HK$ 299.00