Our Supplier


Our supplier has gone beyond what other suppliers do in order to ensure that only the most genuine 100%  AAA Grade Mulberry Silk is used in the manufacturing of Silk Road Desire’s Premium Range Duvets and the Ultimate Pet Duvet.

Our supplier takes pride in the product they produce for Silk Road Desire and they were chosen by Silk Road Desire based on their quality and selection systems, relationship with primary producers and their own ethos of ethical sustainability and responsibility of the supply chain. Our suppliers have specialist inspectors with years of knowledge when selecting silk cocoons. The cocoons are sourced from primary producers located in mountainous regions of rural China. The relationships with these primary producers date back generations. The quality of the cocoons are further graded and compared with reference samples prior to the next stage of manufacturing.

All Silk Road Desire duvets are produced by high quality workers who have skills passed through the generations and are long time employees of our supplier. Unlike many factories producing silk product, at our supplier, the workers are selected by their skill level and wear specialized non static, clean and protective wear to minimize risk of contamination of our product. The product is further checked for impurities such as dust and hair and even checked for broken needles within the fill and stitch lines.

We enjoy an outstanding relationship with our supplier and continue a sustainable and responsible relationship. We do not seek other suppliers based on cheaper price or other commercial benefits. We believe that having spent more than a year building up and developing a healthy relationship with our chosen supplier, this is the guaranteed way of ensuring the product bearing the name Silk Road Desire is of a higher than expected quality and is absolutely genuine.