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Silk Road Desire’s ‘Premium Range’

Silk Road Desire is excited to announce the introduction of our ‘Premium Range’ Duvets and Duvet Covers. We pride ourselves on offering you genuine and luxurious duvets with a silk fill that is 100% AAA Grade Mulberry Silk which has been tested and audited by organizations such as OEKO-Tex and the National Quality Supervision and Inspection Centre of Fibre (China).infant_duvets

It has taken more than a year of research for us to determine how we could offer you a genuine, luxurious and quality product choice. In that time we have visited and extensively evaluated many suppliers in all regions of China and have selected a highly capable and ethical partner. We have continuously tested product and improved product development, so we are confident that we can offer you premium duvets and duvet covers to ensure you have a healthy, rejuvenating and luxurious night’s sleep.


All our duvets have built in ties so that a quality removable duvet cover can be attached preventing movement during the night.  Our duvets come with a high quality cotton storage bag and a practical tote bag that can be used when shopping, travelling, going to the gym or the beach.

You are welcome to visit our website, and please review the benefits of our product and the numerous articles informing you of all there is to know about Silk Road Desire’s Premium Range Duvets and Duvet Covers.


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  1. A friend put me on to this product, as she had recently bought the premium range for herself and her family. Her husband had for some time complained that she was snoring and she was desperate to find something that might help. She claimed, or claims, that the Silk Road quilt has in fact helped her achieve this and she no longer snores. I bought the same set of ‘Premium Range’ covers that she had, and I now believe her.

    I have suffered from insomnia for a long time. For years I was taking prescription drugs to help me sleep. Well, for the first time in years I can honestly say that I no longer have any problems sleeping, and I realised very quickly that it was because of the Silk Road quilt/duvet. For me it was certainly a good investment and I’m much happier these days.

    What a great product

    Thank you!

    • Hi Sarah,

      I agree! The product offered by Silk Road Desire is incredible. I also have a long suffering wife who constantly complains about my snoring and sweating during the night. Since we’ve had the Queen Size Winter weight Silk Road Desire ‘Premium Range’, the issues are no more. We also bought their Duvet Cover which is great. I recommend to anyone who has sleeping issues to try this great product.

      Steve Matthews

  2. Well, I’ve got to say I am impressed too!
    After more years than I care to remember fighting with a feather down duvet regularly shaking it so it’s evenly spread, your silk duvet and cotton cover was an absolute delight!
    Nice and light, comfortable, and warm. We were really impressed. Great product.

  3. My husband and I have been using Silk Road Desire duvets in the past few months, after they were recommended to us by a friend, and not only have we enjoyed better sleep, it is 5-star hotel luxury in the comfort of your own home. Simple and gorgeous. Bliss!

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