About our cotton, thread count, yarn size

About our Cotton

Our products contain cotton in two areas. The first area is the shell that holds the 100% AAA Grade Mulberry Silk fill in the duvet. The cotton we use is the high quality “100% Cotton 400 Thread Count 80 x 80s Yarn”. The second area where we use cotton is for the removable Duvet Covers where we use the same high quality cotton.


The Facts on Thread Count for Cotton

Duvets and bedding linen should be labeled with the true contents of the materials used in the product. Labeling to declare the content of a product is a necessity of trade and government by regulatory bodies and agencies. The labels are there to protect the consumer from miss-leading or false information on products.

When choosing a cotton product, feel it by running your hand gently and slowly over of the product. Use soft sensitive skin such as the inside of your wrist to really get the true feel of softness and quality. If you have a sample of a product you like, then you can bring that along with you so you can compare the texture. Don’t always rely solely on the stated Thread Count – here’s why…

Thread Count

When choosing any cotton product the thread Count will give you a guide as to the quality of the product. Basically, the higher the Thread Count, the softer, more comfortable and smooth the product will be. Thread Count (TC) is also used as a marketing tool and as such, the Thread Count number can be miss-leading.
For your reference: Products with cotton with a Lower quality Thread Count is mostly around 120TC and a vast majority of mid-priced items are around 250TC. Silk Road Desire’s Cotton Shells used on the Premium Range of Duvets is 400TC and the Duvet Covers are also 400TC.

Yarn Size

Yarn size refers to the fineness of the yarn and is referenced by ‘s’ after a number. The higher the yarn size the finer the yarn. Typical yarn sizes used in sheets will start at 20s and can go up to 100s or even 120s. Measurements exceeding 60s are rare to find and very expensive due to the cost and minimum order quantities required by manufacturers to buy such high quality and fine yarn. The most common yarn size used for bed linen yarn is 40s and 60s. Silk Road Desire Premium Range duvet shell covers and duvet covers use a yarn size of 80s.

There are other factors related to the finishing of the product that can be very difficult see. Therefore our recommendation is that you check the label to ensure the product you choose is 100% cotton and then feel and compare the product.

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