Trade Inquiries

Silk Road Desire has a wide range of product. We researched existing products offerings and believe we have found a niche. We offer genuine and qualified product and our ethos is to maintain this with existing and future product offerings. We spent more than a year evaluating suppliers and supply chain to ensure that our product could and has been developed and now we have the relationships within our supply base that will expedite future product developments – of which many are in place.

We enjoy the feedback our customers provide. And we would like to extend our markets. We welcome the opportunity from retailers, distributers, hotels and accommodation operators, as well as associations and clubs to contact us directly for further discussions.

Phone: +852 9400 2955
               +852 21944265


As the owner of ‘Silk Road Desire™’ and of ‘Straight to Source Ltd.,’, I look forward to further discussions.

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