About Us

Silk Road Desire™ is a brand owned by Straight to Source Ltd. Straight to Source Ltd., is a company based in Hong Kong and we safeguard the interests of companies who are looking for the right suppliers in China. We know China and have conducted many factory and company assessments to help our clients make well-informed buying decisions. More than twenty years of experience has helped us and our clients to form optimal working relationships with suppliers in Asia. And that is why we only work with the best available suppliers to make our Silk Road Desire range of products.

All financial transactions related to Silk Road Desire and their products are conducted, audited and maintained by Straight to Source Ltd.
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Trade Enquiries

Silk Road Desire has a wide range of product. We researched existing products offerings and believe we have found a niche. We offer genuine and qualified product and our ethos is to maintain this with existing and future product offerings. We spent more than a year evaluating suppliers and supply chain to ensure that our product could and has been developed and now we have the relationships within our supply base that will expedite future product developments – of which many are in place.

We enjoy the feedback our customers provide. And we would like to extend our markets. We welcome the opportunity from retailers, distributers, hotels and accommodation operators, as well as associations and clubs to contact us directly for further discussions.

Contact: steve@silkroaddesire.com
Phone: +852 2194 4265

As the owner of ‘Silk Road Desire™’ and of ‘Straight to Source Ltd., I look forward to further discussions.


Product Brief

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Silk Road Desire’s duvets and duvets covers help you sleep a little better every night. Our collection of luxurious duvets are genuine and made of 100% AAA grade Mulberry silk that is shelled in a high quality, high Thread Count 100% cotton shell. Our duvet covers and pillow cases are made from the same high quality cotton; simply so we can add comfort and elegance to your life.

We can assure you a deep and peaceful night sleep with the valued assistance and co-operation of our cotton and silk producers and factories.


Our Mission

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Our suppliers are located in the rural areas of China, areas where traditional skills are much respected and date back for generations. Our luxurious duvets are made by a small and specialised manufacturer. This chosen factory is located close to the farms that are the primary producer of the tree that feed the silk worm, the famous Mulberry tree. We treasure the local manufacturing skills and in return for making our silk duvets we have agreements in place to ensure that not only the producers, but also their workers and families are rewarded.


We emphasize better employment conditions and more opportunities for workers by maintaining direct contact with our producers. We visit them often to assist in further development, we monitor worker conditions and share the pride with which our products are made. We work together with the suppliers to reward and protect their workers. We have plans and agreements that include involvement in community improvement projects, so we can raise worker conditions above and beyond standard labour compliance regulations.

At Silk Road Desire we find it important to contribute and give back to the local communities.


We are grateful for the support we find in our customers who buy our products. They help and motivate us to be sustainable and responsible. So, at Silk Road Desire we can continue to be committed to delivering authentic and genuine duvets of the highest quality. And this allows both our customers and us to sleep better at night.